A Woman Obsessed With Her Man

4 Things You Can Do To Get A Girl To Obsess Over You

Tradition dictates men should approach a woman and hold her attention through conversation, but in reality, many men are uncomfortable in these situations. The good news is, there are simple actions you can take along with personality traits you can develop to get a girl to obsess over you.

Men who want to fast track their results with women should consider the Desire System (www.stabilitypact.org), a highly rated attraction course that teaches men how to create obsession by turning women on. But for the purpose of this article, most of the tips below should be applied after you initially get a woman’s attention and should be used when you know you are in the company of a woman who already shows some interest in you.

1. Keep Her Attention

Women, like men, love a good chase. Presenting them with something of value (in this case, you), but not just letting them have it, keeps their interest throughout the courtship. Remember, a woman feels most attracted to a man when she thinks he MIGHT like her, not when she KNOWS he likes her.

Keeping an air of mystery and making her work for your affection will make her chase you. If she doesn’t quite know how you feel about her, she will constantly think about you in an attempt to “figure you out”. The more she thinks about you, the more her desire for you grows. Eventually she concludes she must like you A LOT because she can’t get you out her head.

This doesn’t mean being completely elusive or tuned out. You still need to contribute to conversations and let her get to know you. You just don’t want to make the mistake of laying all your cards down too soon or revealing how much you like her right from the get go. Keep her guessing.

2. Work On Your Personality

If you’re an anxious person who is always wound up or stressed out, you may want to work on calming down or at least faking a calm persona. Nervousness and being “jittery” freaks women out. According to research studies, women are most attracted to calm and confident men.

A calm persona shows a woman you are in control of your emotions. Your actions control your emotions, not the other way around. A calm man is a man who is always confident and always in control. This type of aura helps a woman relax more, so she can enjoy your company.

It’s no secret that women also love a man with a good sense of humor. It’s a must if you want to get a girl to obsess over you. That being said, having a sense of humor does not mean becoming a clown or a “goofball”. It also doesn’t mean making fun of people, putting others down, or crossing the line with inappropriate comments when it’s time to be serious. A true alpha doesn’t tear others down. He builds them up.

3. Keep Up Your Appearance

Your outward appearance should be a reflection of who you are on the inside. If you’re truly confident, it will show in the way you dress, groom, etc. This has little to do with conventional beauty, but rather the way you present yourself both in life and to women.

4. Be Thoughtful

All women enjoy a certain level of sentimentality, so to get a woman to obsess over you, listen to what she says and surprise her down the road. When she mentions her favorite flower or favorite place to eat, make a mental note of it and then surprise her with that thing later on. Most men overlook small things like this, but they can definitely help score you points in the long run.

(Bonus #5) Turn Her On

Perhaps the very best way to get a girl to obsess over you is to turn her on both emotionally and physically. How do you do it? Use this…

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